Yes, I'm working on too many projects at the same time. But apparently, this won't stop me from trying. So, since a few weeks, I'm casually working on a low-res gardening simulator developed with TIC-80, a free PICO-8 clone.

Pulling my hair out on various unfinished PICO-8 projects has been useful. It appears I've learned enough Lua to actually make games. I write awful, awful code, but it works. Why TIC-80? Because the resolution is slightly wider, which in my opinion is better suited for, you know, landscapes. And it also makes coding slightly more bearable. Let's be honest, PICO-8 is awesome, but a 128 pixels width to code is a freaking nightmare. Yes, I know you can use external editors, but that kind of defeat the purpose of a single, all-in-one tool. So I ported my PICO-8 prototype to TIC-80.

This project is called Second Garden because I already have one, and because it's a tiny game which takes seconds. Genius pun, I know.