Second Garden

Author: lectronice

State of the development

Yep, there aren't many sprites yet.

Currently, I've managed to set up a procedurally generated terrain with grass and rocks. It's a quick and dirty random generator that doesn't even use cellular automata (though it may in the future). The result isn't too bad though, because my terrain doesn't need to have actual obstacles. It's messy, with no logical link between adjacent tiles, yet it looks good enough because I used several ground patterns to add variety. It could of course look better, but this will do the trick for laying down the core game mechanics.

From left to right: action points, walk, crush rocks, dig, sow, water.

You control everything with the mouse, which involve walking, breaking rocks and digging holes. Clicking on a icon in the bottom bar selects an action, then clicking on a tile next to the characters triggers that action if the conditions are met. This is supposed to be a turned-based game because I want to add hot seat multiplayer at some point. So every action costs points, which are replenished on your next turn.

Hello, garden!

Yes, I'm working on too many projects at the same time. But apparently, this won't stop me from trying. So, since a few weeks, I'm casually working on a low-res gardening simulator developed with TIC-80, a free PICO-8 clone.

Pulling my hair out on various unfinished PICO-8 projects has been useful. It appears I've learned enough Lua to actually make games. I write awful, awful code, but it works. Why TIC-80? Because the resolution is slightly wider, which in my opinion is better suited for, you know, landscapes. And it also makes coding slightly more bearable. Let's be honest, PICO-8 is awesome, but a 128 pixels width to code is a freaking nightmare. Yes, I know you can use external editors, but that kind of defeat the purpose of a single, all-in-one tool. So I ported my PICO-8 prototype to TIC-80.

This project is called Second Garden because I already have one, and because it's a tiny game which takes seconds. Genius pun, I know.

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